The overarching goal of JASL’s HIV prevention and education programme is to reduce the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among the general population (‘GEN POP’) and key populations (‘KEY POPS’) most at risk.



• Educating the ‘GEN POP’ & ‘KEY POPS’ on HIV, other STIs as well as other Sexual Reproductive Health related issues
• Encouraging safer sex practices among all populations
• Undertaking testing and risk reduction counselling for HIV and other STIs including Syphilis
• Linking to care those found reactive to HIV and other STIs in outreach
• Building the capacity of members of ‘KEY POPS’ to reduce vulnerabilities to HIV and other STIs

  • Provide PrEP education and other risk reduction strategies to the General Population and Key Populations found HIV Negative

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The services are done mainly through:

• General Population Interventions

– Community Interventions (Including Walk and Talk & Town Sweeps)
– Health Fairs
– Outreach at Schools and Colleges/Universities
– Church Interventions
– Corporate Interventions

Targeted Interventions

– One-on-one/Peer Interventions
– Group Interventions / Home-based Interventions
– Special Events and Socials
– Party Interventions

• Capacity Building Interventions

– Life Skills Sessions
– Skills Building Training
– Educational Assistance
– Empowerment Training


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