Treatment, Care and Support

JASL’s treatment, care and support programme is grounded in the organisation’s strategic objective to improve the health outcomes of clients accessing services at its three treatment sites in Kingston, St. Ann and Montego Bay. The suite of services includes:


Biomedical Services

• Clinic Sessions with a Doctor and Nurse
• Drugs for Opportunistic Infections and Treatment of HIV/STIs
• Over-the-counter Drugs and Medical Supplies
• Referrals for Diagnostic and Specialist Services


Psychosocial Services

• Psychological Counselling
• Adherence Counselling
• Nutritional Counselling
• Nutritional Support & Care Packages
• Home and Hospital Visits
• Basic Living Support
• Travel Stipend


Psychoeducational Services

• PLHIV Support Groups
• VAW Support Groups
• Treatment Literacy Sessions
• School Support for OVC
• PLHIV Life Skills Sessions


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